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Ability to save SR app Layouts as HubSpot templates#29


Some clients may consider going to SR app to create a new page too challenging. We wanted to see if there is a way to create HubSpot templates from those SR app layouts - so that a new page can be created directly in HubSpot.

Use case: pages that have the same structure (i.e. leadership profile) that need to be added fresh periodically, as the leadership team grows or changes. You can technically clone existing pages, but you also have to delete all the info and make sure you clean up all settings (seo, url, featured image) of the cloned page. The amount of times we see pages with messed up URLs (i.e. /page-0-0-0-0-0) is comically a lot.

It is possible that HubSpot will eventually roll out ability to save pages as templates (as they did with email) but if they don’t, this would be a useful feature.


6 months ago